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The Comic

Be trans. Do crime. Fight robots. How hard could it be?

Earth, 2068 is a sci-fi webcomic about a boy from the future, when humanity lives under a dome in the ocean, who gets himself wrapped up in a plot to rob the CEO of LION Robotics, only to find out that this robbery is just one part of a bigger plan to save the world by traveling through time! New pages are uploaded on Mondays and Thursdays. Click here to go to the latest page or click here to read from the beginning!

There is also an Earth, 2068 Discord Server that is open for anyone to join, where you can talk about the comic with other readers and be notified when new pages go up!

The Author


That's me! I'm Quark (she/her, they/them), the writer and illustrator of Earth, 2068When I'm not making this comic, I also write musicals sometimes. If you'd like to contact me regarding the comic, you can email me at, send me an ask on the comic's official tumblr blog, or follow my Twitter account!

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